Typography, wayfinding and exhibition design
Cité des électriciens, Bruay-La-Buissière
France 2012-2018.

In 2012, we were commissioned a major graphic implementation within a renovated architectural complex, one of the first 19th century mining settlements Northern France, where people from several european countries lived for more than a century.

The project needed a global solution that satisfies architects, institutions and users, also taking into account the fact that this small neighbourhood is protected by local authorities and the UNESCO.
Our approach begun with the creation of a typography which was the result of an adaptation to contemporary needs, following some characteristics of the ancient typos found in several mining towns.

In parallel we were working on the design for several kinds of wayfinding and exhibition layouts. Architectural, landscape and exhibition designs took shape little by little in collaboration with the rest of the team I’m regular meetings in Paris and Bruay.

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