We love what we do

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We love what we do.

At villarvera we believe every project needs a diferent path and voice.

We are an agency where personal realtionships and details are important. Therefore, we dialogue and give time enought for projects to develop.

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Offline & online design

Branding & strategy.
Books & publications.
Communication, campaigns.
Exhibitions & fairs.
Signage & environmental graphics.
Webs + apps.
Design systems.

Coaching for companies & institutions

We help companies and institutions to assimilate and develop a “sense of good design”, in order to make the right decisions in their day to day regarding the application of their own voice and the usability, functionality and scalability of their designs.

In-house design integration

We guide our clients in the process of integrating design into their own processes, efficiently and lastingly over time, making the most of the available resources.
• Methodology and proper work flows.
• Technological integration of resources needed to in-house design.
• Selection of personnel suited to your needs.

Coaching for designers

Are you a designer and you find it difficult to communicate with collaborators and clients? Sometimes, the biggest challenge in our day to day is to transmit to professionals and managers the key points from our solutions.

We teach you to communicate effectively with professionals which are not familiar with our language, and to express in the most effective way the added value of a good solution, and its connections with the objectives of companies or institutions.


We often need a second opinion, to know if we are on the right track.
Whether it’s an in-house design, or if you’re working with a design agency, we can help you round out what you’re working on, without intrusions, without judgment.

On other occasions, we need to evaluate our work methodologies, times, resources, abilities … In villarvera design we can help you refine this machinery so that the design is part of the solution.

Dialog Channel

Our channel for exchange of information and free consultations on design. A resource’s center that we are building together.